Why We Started Avenue 8

When we began the journey to build Avenue 8, we knew that the future would be unpredictable. While we never could have predicted the global events that will forever mark 2020 as a year of transformative change, we did anticipate a future where several critical shifts in real estate would take place:

1) The rise of decentralized, remote work. 2) The unbundling of the mega-franchise brokerage industry. 3) The importance of supporting agents with services that are relevant to their needs.

Avenue 8 is the first digital, mobile-first brokerage built expressly for modern agents to grow their own business unfettered. We do this by going beyond the expectations of what a brokerage provides through the combination of creativity and data into a radically simple user experience. We’ve designed our platform to be a tool agents can use anywhere with a minimal learning curve. And, we’re creating a community of ambitious, entrepreneurial, forward-thinking agents of change.

Brokerages of the past relied on asset-heavy, brick-and-mortar business models to support agents with desks, printers, and on-premise software. Today, not much has changed. Many have invested hundreds of millions into monolithic technological architecture that end up being overly-functional CRMs with near-zero adoption rates. We believe that technology should be intuitive and invisible.

With an abundance of API-driven services available for the various aspects of the transaction lifecycle, it’s more important than ever to build experiences that foster greater efficiency through simplicity, while designing business models that prioritize people over profits. Avenue 8 agents receive premium services and support, without the overhead of traditional commission splits and brokerage-centric fee models. As a result, our agents spend less time in software, can close deals from anywhere, and keep substantially more of what they earn.

We’re just getting started and are grateful for our incredible agents, incredible team, and incredible investors that have joined us on this journey.

Justin Fichelson and Michael Martin Co-Founders, Avenue 8

Latest Headlines

Avenue 8 raises $4M to rebuild the traditional real estate brokerage model
Today, Avenue 8 is announcing that it has raised seed funding not to disrupt, but improve that basic model with a more flexible approach that can help agents work in a more modern way.
Press Release
Avenue 8 debuts with $4M seed funding
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18, 2020 – Avenue 8, the only mobile-first residential real estate brokerage built expressly for modern agents, today announced it has raised $4 million in seed funding.
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