Make the Guest Room your Best Room

Unleash your inner hotelier.

There’s no such thing as an “extra room” anymore; any space you didn’t know what to do with before the pandemic has now become critical infrastructure. Most likely, that room is now a workspace. It could also be a personal panic room where you hide from other members of your household. Also critical infrastructure.

But changing needs are also driving a revival in guest rooms, where dearly missed family and friends can stay for longer visits. For those lucky enough to have the space, we like the notion of dedicating part of your home to hospitality.

For a little inspiration, Architectural Digest has a great story on homeowners and designers who’ve transformed their guest rooms into heavily wallpapered, Wes Anderson-esque fantasy suites. But at that level of investment, you could rent the room out when guests aren’t in town. Or you could always charge your loved ones a nominal fee.

For most of us, it’s all about practical solutions that allow you to keep the guest room flexible. A company called Oclo Designs has more or less reinvented the fold-away bed as a design-forward must-have for modern homes. Read all about it at Business of Home.

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