Avenue 8’s Flagship and the Future of the Office

Nicole Franzen

Reimagined workplaces for redesigned lives.

Starting in 2020, homes across the country were converted into live-work spaces where close to 50 million people have done their jobs from home for the last two-plus years. Now, with the “fully remote” era giving way for many to hybrid work, the reverse is happening: offices are being designed to be more like home. The result is a new kind of professional space that responds to permanent cultural shifts in how, where and when people want to work, and our new flagship Avenue 8 office has been recognized as a prime example.

Here’s how the design experts at Architectural Digest put it: “The new Avenue 8 Flatiron HQ is not your average office space. Filled with trappings like a Camaleonda sofa and vintage armchairs by Gigi Radice, the Goelet Building outpost is the work of two AD100 talents: designer Billy Cotton and ASH (who handled staging). As workers all over New York head back to their desks, the loft-like Avenue 8 workspace makes a compelling case for IRL meetings.”

Fast Company had this to say in a thought-provoking piece about post-WFH office design: “Rather than a 9-to-5 space, the company sought to create more of a clubhouse-style office where real estate agents could come in for casual client meetings or catch up on email between showings, but not feel the need to stick around all day. The company signed the lease on the space in March 2020, and the design was heavily influenced by the pandemic.”

And this is from the real estate trade standard, The Real Deal: “At Avenue 8’s Flatiron workplace, for example, there are no desks in the main area, but rather a giant wooden table and a constellation of sofas. There are a couple of conference rooms, a Zoom room and a kitchen, but no pods or cubicles. And it’s not in a conventional ground-floor retail storefront, but rather in a more intimate second floor office space at 900 Broadway.”

We’re truly excited not just to be in the pages of these great publications, but to be at the forefront of a legitimate revolution in work-life balance. We believe that a well-designed workplace makes it possible to live a well-designed life, and that allegedly new” priorities regarding how, where and when people want to work actually reflect deep-rooted desires in how people want to live. That’s the future of the office, and we’re incredibly proud to play a part in pushing it forward.

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