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Avenue 8 is home to a diverse, entrepreneurial team of agents. Experience a new kind of brokerage built for connection, powered by technology and community.

A Digital-First Approach

Total autonomy, unparalleled support

Our platform puts the full power of a modern brokerage in your pocket.

Manage your business
Access your clients and listings in one convenient place.

Your entire business, in one elegant and efficient platform

Do more in less time. Stay on top of your listings, your clients, and your business in one seamless service.

Tap into marketing
Easily request all of your marketing materials.
Campaigns to boost business
Set a budget and we'll do the rest.

Marketing help on command

Get high-powered, personalized marketing support for any and every aspect of your business with just a few taps.

Data-driven storytelling
Comprehensive CMAs accessible from any device.

Real-time market insights

At your desk or on the go, take advantage of our data-powered insights into your market and your properties.

Performance Marketing

Driven by results

Our performance marketing engine makes sure that your listings, profile and recruitment campaigns get traction across every relevant channel — and that your brand grows as your business expands.

The Input

  • Property details
  • Market data
  • Transaction timelines
  • Client profiles
  • Agent performance
  • Listing price
  • Location data
  • Marketing budgets
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per close
  • Sales goals

The Output

  • Content strategy
  • Marketing mix
  • Distribution strategy
  • Spend optimization
  • Price forecasting
  • Creative direction
  • Predictive analytics
  • ROI analysis
  • Asset creation
  • Drip campaigns
  • Lead generation

The numbers don’t lie

4 X

Avenue 8’s performance marketing expertise generates 4x greater efficiency and reach than the industry average.

The backing of a premium brokerage

Next-level support, every step of the way

Valet Program

A vetted team of designers and vendors can handle anything from minor repairs to full home renovation and staging, all at no upfront cost to your client.

compliance specialists

Agents can focus on cultivating relationships and closing deals knowing that Avenue 8’s in-house experts handle every legal, insurance, and compliance detail correctly, every time.

A forward-thinking team

Industry innovators

When you join Avenue 8, you connect with a community of agents reshaping the real estate world for the better.


Blakely Hull

“There's just something extra special about being at a more boutique, "start-up" brokerage. We all joined Avenue 8 because we were tired of how "traditional" brokerages work. Having this common ground fosters a unique sense of community that is unbelievably collaborative and supportive.”


Disruptive team leader, among the top 1% across the Bay Area.


Justin Palmer

“Avenue 8 helps keep me empowered with cutting-edge technology available at the touch of a screen and a great community of colleagues with whom to collaborate with.”


Offering a friendly demeanor and concierge level of service for nearly 10 years.


Sunae Chon

“I believe Avenue 8 has the formula for success. I feel privileged and invigorated to be part of the team who will prosper with a business structure that is fair, honest, and built in response to agent needs.”


Award-winning top producer with career sales over $250 million.

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