Real Estate Agent

Laura Doughty

Sr. Agent | CA DRE: 01861790

Meet Laura

Laura Doughty grew up in Kentucky with an interest in real estate early on; since age 11, she worked for her father’s real estate publishing company and continued on throughout her high school and college years. Having grown up in a home built in 1894, it helped nurture her appreciation for architecture and design. She received a BS degree from Murray State University in Interior Design and Marketing. From college she moved to Atlanta, GA, where she worked for large corporations as a District Sales Manager and in 1997, she began working as a Realtor® with Harry Norman Realtors.

She traveled extensively matching up buyers and sellers, from development projects, large estates to starter homes. Laura Doughty has spent the last 25 years dealing in all aspects of the real estate industry. In 2001, she moved to California working in residential and commercial real estate in Orange, Co. In 2004, she founded Tola Malibu, an organic spa skincare line and consulting firm that allowed her to work with a variety of different companies lending them her creative marketing and sales expertise.

Laura began consulting with Malibu Management Estate Services in 2007 and quickly learned there was a need to partner the real estate transactions with the concierge services, creating a true full-service real estate brokerage firm. Having worked with a virtual brokerage managing over 4000 agents, 1000’s of contract negotiations and $6 billion in sales, Laura has the expertise to handle all her clients real estate needs.. She founded Monarch Real Estate Concierge™ in 2008 and as the CEO and Broker, it enables Laura to provide a superior level of informed, professional real estate services to her clients. She feels fortunate to be able to say, “I love what I do! I am passionate about taking care of all of my clients needs, not just the real estate transaction. It’s not only important to provide the knowledge and integral expertise in a real estate transaction, but equally important to understand the lifestyle and multi-home property needs of our clients.” For Laura, the sale is not completed at escrow, there’s still much more she can provide to continue to ensure her clients enjoy their homes for many years.

While running marathons are a hobby for Laura, they’ve taught her real life lessons on how determination, focus and discipline result in a winning solution for any undertaking. “I’ve learned that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Even when your body says ‘no more’, your spirit is what determines how you finish.” She brings that passion and drive to her life and her business every day. Buying and selling real estate can seem overwhelming, but with Laura representing your best interest, you can rest assure, she will get you to the finish line smiling. Laura resides in Malibu, CA and enjoys traveling for her clients and speaking engagements.